What’s With All of The Six Figure Awards

Last week we told you about Boot Camper Tom Cox’s prestigious Purpose Prize which included an award of $100,000.  But that wasn’t the only big news circulating Max’s Boot Camp Listserv. A Chicago area Boot Camper informed us that his firm recently settled a case for both bankruptcy stay and discharge violations against a major bank for $100,000. And to round out last week’s trifecta, Boot Camper Linda Tirelli was awarded a total of $125,456.01 on her fee application. Congratulations to the three of you as well to the several other Bankruptcy Boot Campers who didn’t quite reach the six figure mark! Linda has substantially raised financial value for competent consumer bankruptcy attorneys.

The congratulatory emails were flowing and the Boot Campers responded in kind by thanking their fellow soldiers. We thought we’d give you an inside peek of how we work together to achieve success.

Tom Cox quotes:

This is surely a shared win.  There is no way that I could be as effective at what I do without the BootCamp army being there to share knowledge and information, to boost me up when I get down, and to let me know that I am not all alone up here in the backwoods of Maine trying to get the bad guys. My thanks to all of you for your kind comments and your commitment to the campaign against the rotten creditors and servicers that we face daily and to allowing me to be right down there in the muddy trenches along side of you.

Chicago Boot Camper quotes:

Attending the bootcamp and this listserve has changed the way we practice and our lives in general. We are eternally grateful.

Linda Tirelli quotes:

 Thank you everyone for all the support. This is as much the bootcamp’s accomplishment as it is mine.

The US Trustee told me he is constantly amazed at the information our Boot Camp turns up.

Any attorneys wanting to join our army can register for the next boot camp, January 18-21 in Charlotte, here.