U.S. Trustee’s Inquiry Puts End to Homeowner’s 7-Year Odyssey

The New York Times reports that Wells Fargo last week entered into a confidential settlement with a Georgia woman who has been trying for 7 years to get an authoritative answer regarding who held the note to her property and how much (if any) back payment she owed.  The settlement happened to come close on the heels of an indication that the U.S. Trustee was interested in learning more about the facts of the case.

The case is familiar in that Wells Fargo apparently claimed that the note had been lost (but refused to offer up the person who attested to that fact for a deposition, and instead sent someone with no knowledge of the alleged search for the note, then that the note had never been transferred to it and so it couldn’t have lost the note, and finally that it had found the lost note.

Ms. Green, the Times reports, believed that she might be 4 payments in arrears.  Wells Fargo suggested that it was actually 113 payments.

Ms. Green said she would have given up years ago if it weren’t for her lawyer. She would have forfeited her two-bedroom home in Decatur to one of the three institutions that have claimed — at the same time, mind you — to hold title to it.

Kudos to Howard Rothbloom of Marietta, Georgia for staying the course for seven long years and ultimately saving that home.