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The Bankruptcy Litigation Model

Virtually every consumer bankruptcy client has in some way fallen victim to predatory lenders, dishonest debt collectors or improper servicing practices—probably all three.  If you’re obtaining a discharge for your clients but not pursuing those claims that will truly give your client a fresh start and perhaps put money in his pocket, you’re doing yourself and your clients a disservice.

Max Gardner’s Bankruptcy Litigation Model (BLM) is a complete, proven system for identifying those oft-missed opportunities, training your clients to gather and preserve the information you need to pursue those claims, and litigating them (often at no cost to your client).

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The Financial Model

Max maintains that volume practice is not the key to a lucrative bankruptcy practice—and that’s good, since volume practice rarely allows a law firm to provide complete services to the consumer bankruptcy client.

In Max’s own bankruptcy practice, only about 10% of revenues came from base fees. The other 90% came from litigating claims for his clients.

Spend less time and resources looking for clients and more providing direct service that pays off for your clients and for you.

foxholeThe Mission

Your bankruptcy clients walk through the door with claims: violations of the FDCPA, state UDAP statutes, TILA and more.  But that’s only the beginning. After the bankruptcy filing, many creditors and servicers file improper proofs of claim, violate the automatic stay and secretly accumulate fees never approved by the bankruptcy court. After discharge, servicers bill your clients for those hidden fees and some creditors and collectors sell discharged debts to debt buyers, who re-report those debts to the credit reporting agencies and undermine your clients’ fresh starts.  For years, creditors, servicers and creditors have regularly engaged in these practices with virtually no consequences, as only a handful of bankruptcy attorneys like Max provide full litigation services to their clients.

Max shares the details of his system, including his own letters, pleadings and other documents, to help shift the tide and expand the number of consumer attorneys willing and able to provide their clients full protection in bankruptcy.

Unmatched Experience

Max’s BLM is the culmination of over 30 years of practicing consumer bankruptcy law and taking on predatory lenders. Over that time, Max has learned most of the intricacies of the lending and servicing industry, including secrets they wish Max didn’t know, the very information he uses against the lenders. His knowledge is so deep, he usually knows the creditors’ practices better than the creditors’ own attorneys. And like a master chess player, Max uses the information to stay several moves ahead of his adversaries often knowing his opponent’s moves before they do. While many attorneys find Max’s sample documents to be the most valuable part of the BLM, Max’s strategies on when and how to use the documents are just as valuable.

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