Litigation Skills

Litigation of Debt Buyer Claims in and out of Bankruptcy

Turn the tables on bogus debt buyers and start collecting from them!

Max is dedicated to this important topic in the battle against bogus debt buyers.

The materials covered in the seminar apply in state court outside of bankruptcy as well as in bankruptcy court.

We’ll tell you what goes on behind the scenes as bogus debts are sold and debt buyers pursue collection.

You’ll learn where to look for flaws, forgeries and fraud in debt buyer claims.

Next, Max will tell you how to use this information to benefit you and your client. Collecting from bogus debt buyers has been far and away the largest revenue source for Max’s law firm for over 30 years, and he’ll walk you through how he attacks those claims and turns the tables on debt buyers – both inside and outside of bankruptcy.

Debt buyers consistently and systematically break the law for one reason: they can. When only a handful of attorneys throughout the country are regularly calling them on their unlawful activities, the scales tip in favor of continuing to cheat.

They make a lot more money collecting debts that aren’t owed than they pay out to the small number of consumers who are represented by competent attorneys willing to do something about it. You can change that!

Remember that call from your former bankruptcy client? You already had gotten him a discharge so you blew him off to concentrate on finding your next client. If he was calling to tell you he’s being harassed about discharged debts and they are back on his credit record, you just left thousands of dollars on the table and your former client is suffering because of it.

Filings are declining. Taking the extra step to protect your client’s discharge could be your best route to increased revenues.