One on One

In some cases, Max offers consultation services to boot camp graduates. These services may include consultation on office procedures, staff training, individual case consultation or other one-on-one consultation. Max is also available to work with boot campers in connection with the development of a specific legal litigation strategy under the Bankruptcy Litigation Mode and advise on implementation of that strategy.

In connection with these services, Max can also offer the services of related experts. For example, a forensic audit of any mortgage loan by one of his certified public accountants, the expert testimony of a former corporate officer of a major subprime servicer and the manager of a default bankruptcy operation for one of the largest former subprime servicers, and special services with respect to any type of case by a former debt buyer and, in connection therewith, has secured the services of a former manager of the largest buyer of distressed debt in America. Not sure whether consulting is the right solution for you? Use the Get a Quote form to tell us what you need and we’ll talk about it!

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