Bankruptcy Boot Camp (BLM)

Max Gardner’s Bankruptcy Boot Camp is an intensive multi-day seminar devoted to learning and implementing Max Gardner’s exclusive and copyrighted Bankruptcy Litigation Model (“BLM”).  Learn your way, live and in-person or on your own time through streaming video and downloadable documents.

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Mortgage & Foreclosure

The strategies we teach have been been used effectively in jurisdictions around the country. We’ll show you how to convert your client’s mortgage to unsecured debt, wipe out hundreds or thousands of dollars in bogus fees/improperly accrued interest, keep the mortgage servicer’s “evidence” from entering the record and get the real evidence into the record. Max and his panel of experts dissect the case law and extract the information you need to know to apply to your own cases.

We currently have no live events scheduled but you can Learn More or subscribe to our online training videos which include a past Foreclosure Defense seminar.


Max, veteran Boot Campers and other experts share specific strategies for implementing the BLM and foreclosure defense models discussed in the Bankruptcy Boot Camp and Foreclosure Defense Boot Camp. These seminars include live demonstrations of cross-examination techniques, deposition strategies, approaches to getting evidence admitted and more.

We currently have no live events scheduled but you can Learn More or subscribe to our online training videos which include a past Evidence and Deposition seminar.

Consumer Law

Debt buyers consistently and systematically break the law for one reason: they can. When only a handful of attorneys throughout the country are regularly calling them on their unlawful activities, the scales tip in favor of continuing to cheat.

They make a lot more money collecting debts that aren’t owed than they pay out to the small number of consumers who are represented by competent attorneys willing to do something about it. You can change that!

Individual Chapter 11

Learn all you need to know about representing individuals in Chapter 11 cases from the attorneys who literally wrote the book, Dan Press and Brett Weiss.

The Boot Camp is intended to be a thorough examination of the entire individual Chapter 11 process in an intensive, small-group setting.

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