Top Bank Regulator Doesn’t Believe Consumers Harmed By Foreclosure Fraud Scandal

Via the Huffington Post‘s Arthur Delaney.

The nation’s top bank regulator doesn’t believe homeowners are being harmed directly by an ongoing foreclosure fraud scandal, despite multiple reports of banks mistakenly evicting homeowners who aren’t even in foreclosure.

For example, Nancy Jacobini said she had been working on a mortgage modification with JPMorgan Chase after falling four months behind when the bank sent somebody to change the locks. “I did not receive any information at all in reference to a foreclosure,” she told CNN.

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency does not view anecdotes like Jacobini’s as evidence of consumers being harmed by the unfolding foreclosure fraud scandal. (There are several other similar anecdotes.)

“The core issue remains the improper completion and submission of paperwork required by state law before foreclosing on seriously delinquent borrowers when alternatives to foreclosure are not possible,” said Kevin Mukri, a spokesman for the OCC, in an email to HuffPost. …

Great to have the fox guarding the hen house.