Top Aide to NY AG Calls Out Foreclosure Abuses

Martin J. Mack, Executive Deputy Attorney General for Regional Affairs for the state of New York, called out abuses in foreclosure cases against unrepresented homeowners in his testimony before the Task Force to Expand Access to Civil Legal Services today.

We know all too well the hurdles faced by homeowners attempting to fight back against banks and mortgage servicers, and Mack says that far too many of them are doing so without the help they need. He testified that even with the recent surge in pro bono representation of foreclosure defendants, more than 44% of New Yorkers facing foreclosure do so without legal representation.

“We’ve all heard harrowing tales of abuses, including foreclosure actions brought against homeowners who are actually up to date on their mortgage payments,” Mack testified. “For every abusive case uncovered, there are dozens upon dozens of homeowners and, sad to say, former homeowners who have been steamrolled because they did not have adequate representation.”

Read the full story in the Times Union online.