The Next Line of Defense in the Battle Against Foreclosure Fraud

Law enforcement officials across the country let us all down with a bank “settlement” that was all concession to the institutions that caused the problem and very little protection for the victims of the foreclosure crisis or the economy.  It’s still the rare court that fully understands the issues and has the courage to do the right thing.  With all that happening in the forums where consumer protections is supposed to take place, it’s no surprise that the battle is spreading, and some unlikely warriors are stepping up to the wrestle the giants.

In this video, Rachel Maddow talks to Jeff Thigpen about his lawsuit to force banks to “clean up the mess they made” of his records and describes a North Carolina program by which laypeople are being trained en masse to examine mortgage records and find the fraud: Standing up to Banks 

We’ve reported extensively on Thigpen’s efforts to fight the banks in the past:  the Guilford County, NC Register of Deeds has conducted an exhaustive examination of records, held press conferences and publicized information about robo-signing and other fraud issues relating to mortgage transfers and foreclosure, and last summer announced that his office would no longer accept documents with known robo-signer signatures for recording.