The Next Frontier in Consumer Protection Law

The shady debt buying industry has long plagued our clients, and those collection efforts are about to skyrocket.   That’s why Max has teamed up with NCO / Chase whistle blower Linda Almonte to bring you his first seminar devoted entirely to debt buyer litigation.   For decades, litigating discharge violations has been the bread and butter of Max’s legal practice.  But purchasing and pursuing discharged debt is just one dirty debt buyer practice.

As a past Director of Attorney Networking Services at NCO (formerly the nation’s largest debt buyer) and past Division Vice President at Chase, Linda knows where, how and why the debt buying and collection process goes wrong.

On June 29 and 30, 2013, she’ll join Max in Shelby, NC to tell you how to spot the flaw and the fraud in debt buyer claims.

Then, Max will tell you how to put those cracks to work for your clients, challenging debt buyer claims and litigating the related consumer protection violations that will put money back in their pocket and grow revenues for your law firm.

Filings are dropping off and consumer bankruptcy attorneys are fighting for fewer cases, but there’s no need: the help your past and current clients really need goes beyond obtaining a discharge, and that need is growing.

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