The Mother of All Foreclosure Mistakes

Boot Camp graduates Margery and Stuart Golant also have a son in their law practice, Jeff Golant who recently appeared on Money Talks News regarding his Florida client who was served with foreclosure papers even though he never missed a payment. The law firm representing the mortgage servicer didn’t bother to return any of the homeowner’s 15 voicemails telling them that they were mistaken.  (Lucy and Ethel would have had to get away from the conveyor belt for that to happen)  Just how many minutes would it have taken them to do some fact checking to see that the homeowner wasn’t behind in his payment? Instead, they pressed right along with the foreclosure.  (Glad to see the big banks took their time to decide that the facts behind all the paperwork problems were correct so they could resume the foreclosure conveyor belt) Now Jeff is suing the Law Office of David J. Stern for all of the damage they caused his client.

The article’s author then recalls a recent argument taking place on a cable news show where they discussed whether these types of mistakes were excusable.  The conservative commentator likened it to the police breaking into the wrong person’s house.  Um, do you think it would be ok for the police to barge into someone’s home if their normal procedure was not to bother checking the address first?  Jeff Golant has a nice response to the police analogy.

Congratulations on a nice job, Jeff.