The ABCs and UCC Comes to Florida

Attacking the secured status of the Trustee of residential mortgage backed securitized trusts and the mortgage servicer’s standing to foreclose is critical to protecting the homeowner’s rights. But advancing those arguments requires a solid understanding of how securitization is supposed to work, which in turn requires a thorough understanding of UCC Articles 3, 9 and 1-302.

This session offers the most comprehensive look at the UCC and its impact on foreclosure defense available.

Max will be joined by:

Richard Shepherd – Former Vice-President and General Counsel for Saxon Mortgage (now Morgan Stanley)

Margery Golant – Former Assistant General Counsel at Ocwen Financial Corporation and Department Manager of a major plaintiffʼs foreclosure firm

Jay Patterson – A leading Certified Fraud Examiner and Forensic Accountant.

Additional speakers will be announced soon.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain these valuable tools for protecting your clients’ homes.  Join us at the Barry School of Law in Orlando on March 24 and 25th.

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