What Attorneys are Saying about Max’s Bankruptcy Boot Camp

Maybe the greatest testament to the Boot Camp is how many attendees return for a second and third time. Some have even attended more than five times, and firm owners usually send their new associates shortly after joining the firm.

I learned more in the last 5 days than I learned in the last 25 years. It was truly an amazing experience. This will change your career and your life, as you know it.
– Paula M. Powers


What I learned listening to and talking with Max for four days will be more helpful to my practice than anything I have ever done. Simply put, Max is a genius. His understanding of and dedication to the practice of representing debtors in bankruptcy court is unsurpassed.
– Bradford W. Botes


I joined Max’s seminars on line in the Spring of 2010. Later in October 2010, I attended the bootcamp in North Carolina. Was the tuition worth it? You bet it was. Since implementing only a couple of Max’s suggestions, I have settled cases for violations of the automatic stay [as of July, 2011] in the following amounts: $9,250.00, $5,000.00, $6,750.00, $8,500.00, $6,000.00, $5,000.00, $6,000.00, $5,000.00, $6,500.00, $2,000.00, $4,000.00, $8,400.00, $9,000.00, $5,000.00, $4,000.00, $7,500.00, $1,000.00, $4,000.00. Total $102,900.00. Thank you, Max!! It’s made representing debtors in Bankruptcy fun
– Ed Dechant


Boot Camp is a life-altering experience for the consumer bankruptcy lawyer who wants to affect real change. Unfortunately, your colleagues won’t think it’s important until they see you in action. When I first went to Boot Camp a trustee smirked at me and said something along the lines of, “how cute.” She isn’t smirking anymore. I beat her on her objection to confirmation (basis: the rejection of arbitration provision in the Chapter 13 Plan) and she got knocked down by my judge, which is when she started paying attention. Now the clause is accepted by my trustees without a whimper. Win or lose, they see that I know things they don’t. My courtroom grows silent when my case gets called because the other lawyers know they’re about to hear something interesting. My judges no longer think I’m tilting at windmills, even if they don’t fully understand the big picture yet. We, as Boot Camp graduates, are changing the way our judges view their jobs. They used to do nothing more than sit around listening to preference cases, objections to confirmation and motions for relief. Now they’re getting APs, mortgage servicer abuse cases, and honest-to-goodness defenses with real merit. They’ve been asleep at the switch for years because there was no reason to be awake. We’re changing that, one case at a time.
– Jay Fleischman


My time with Max changed the trajectory of my legal career.
– Nick Wooten


…The basic case was a foreclosure by [bank redacted], claiming to be the owner and holder of the loan.  The Plaintiff was not represented by the typical mill, the firm was a litigation firm with an attitude.  They were aggressive, coming after Robert and his client with the usual epithets they love to fling around about “deadbeats”, “living for free”, etc., and even had the effrontery to threaten Robert with sanctions because he was “just stalling”.  That was the part that really galvanized me – here THEY were lying, and yet making accusations against him! …

Happily, we were able to shoot them right between the eyes, thanks to you Max and to the resources here.  We were able to prove that the loan is in fact owned by a securitized trust, the exact identity of the trust, and the fact that [bank redacted] was lying the entire time, was the master servicer on the deal, dated  years ago, and so could not have known otherwise.  The final dispositive pleading was Robert’s Motion for Summary Judgment, supported by an affidavit from me showing line by line that [bank redacted] was lying, and exactly the steps to demonstrate it.  Also filed was a Motion for Sanctions – Dismissal With Prejudice.
– Margery Golant


Until I took your seminars, I never realized how much fun it could be kickin’ creditors’ butts!
– Joe Albanese


Thanks so much Max! You are a super person.

I have been asked by U.S. Representative Tim Walz to be on a panel addressing
various economic issues, including consumer issues regarding the housing
crisis. … There is a great deal of credibility associated with your boot camp and it is largely because I attended your boot camp and because I have experience with consumers that motivated Rep. Walz to ask me to be on the panel. Thanks again.
– Stephen Behm

Max gives you ALL the information, which is much more than you really need to start doing these cases. The advantage is that with possession of all the information and the knowledge of where to find it, you now know more than the other side ever will. The level of confidence I have now is such that I will skip the objections and immediately file an adversary (whether I have the proof or not) every single time against a mortgage servicer, credit card company or third party debt collector, cause I now know they are all doing wrong and Max taught me how to find it and prove it.
– Frank Coxwell


It was a once-in-a life-time learning experience.
– Eloise Guzman


I learned more about mortgage servicing at the boot-camp than I ever could have on my own on a case by case basis…Max works tirelessly to educate us in our fights and together we are going to win this battle one client at a time.
– Carmen Dellutri


Max showed us how to generate fees and recoveries before we even file the voluntary petition. I wish I would have done this 25 years ago. You simply cannot afford to miss this program.
– Andy Miofsky


What you do, Max, is more than teaching. You create “attitude” in your army members. Attitude, plus knowledge and ability, helps level the playing field. [Creditors] ARE running scared.
– David B. Shaev


Max Gardner is a pioneer in protecting consumer rights both within and outside Bankruptcy Court. He is a national leader, a generous advocate and a respected teacher of his colleagues. His Bankruptcy Boot Camp is an empowering experience and every lawyer should be required to attend.
– Kevin Chern

Max, you predicted the demise of Countrywide at our boot camp on June 21, 2007. After listening to CW’s portfolio and business plan as laid out by you, I asked it seems they will go bankrupt. You agreed. (Of course my investment friends laughed at me so I never sold the stock short.)
– Michael H. Schwartz

The purpose of this note is that I am compelled to write and let you know that I am filled with such an intense sense of gratitude. The camp that you offered this weekend fills a tremendous void in my education and training as a consumer advocate. It is simply impossible for me (or anyone else) to gain the real-life practical litigation knowledge and skills outside of your camp. The lessons you offered are simply not being taught in any other venue from the consumer advocate standpoint.
– Angela


As for THE BEST education for the practicing attorney…Let me tell you…hands down, its O. Max Gardner’s Bankruptcy Boot Camp.

I opened my own Bankruptcy Practice in July ’08 and joined the NACBA in October and went to OMG’s BBC (as we call it) in November. I was provided with more than 2000 documents in both hard copy and on flash drive. After the Boot Camp, Max put me on the Boot Camp Listserv where I felt and feel the support of a network of well-seasoned BK attorneys who are willing to share their knowledge in a manner which is mentoring, yet never condescending.

I spent more than 36 hours of INTENSE instruction with a very manageable group of 10 attorneys from across the country. Experience varied from a well learned US Trustee, to a legal aid attorney, to well seasoned solo practitioners there to brush up, to me – a returning attorney after a 9 year absence. Everyone is respected, there are no “stupid questions” and while I feared being intimidated by the group and worried I couldn’t keep up, Max has a method of teaching which seems to work for everyone. Goodness knows there are plenty of scholars and experienced experts out there who know their subject matter, but being able to relate it in terms that someone returning to practice or just starting off can understand is the mark of a great mentor.

What an eye opening experience well worth the financial and time commitments. In fact, using what I learned I was able to spot issues I otherwise wouldn’t have realized. If you are serious about representing consumers, this is the best place to get an education. In early February I joined the lobbying efforts of the NAC BA and assisted in the lobbying efforts in Washington DC to encourage congressional support of HR200/S61. Again, I met many fellow boot camp survivors and feel comfortable that I could contact any of them to bounce around ideas and seek advice. The idea is to support each other in our efforts and have a united force of many well trained Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.

Oh, and I should also mention, the boot camp accommodations are beyond luxurious, food is gourmet, staff is warm friendly and there to assist. I feel this is the sort of investment in myself I could only regret not-making. I have no reservations about recommending the program and no second thoughts as to its value.

By the way, no, I am not compensated for my endorsement, I am speaking from the heart. Feel free to call me if you want to hear more.
– Linda M. Tirelli

Max is the consummate legal expert in America on consumer post-Bankruptcy litigation issues. His pioneering trial work on mortgage servicer cases and other post-bankruptcy claims has leveled the playing field for consumers, and put creditors back on their heels–right where they belong. Anyone, lawyer, consumer, friend, or foe would be well served to get to know Max. He is a force to be reckoned with for bankruptcy consumers who would otherwise be re-abused by the credit system which bears direct responsibility for their bankruptcy predicament.
– Peter Barry

I am physically exhausted from the mental effort at the Boot Camp. Max calls us graduates, but anyone who was there will prefer the term survivor. We were in session nine hours every day, sometimes longer, and still discussing topics at each break. I thought I had a handle on a lot of the material before I even got there but soon realized what Max had given me at Austin and New Orleans was merely an ice cube compared to the icebergs of material he had for us those four days. The food was fabulous, the accommodations outstanding, the seminar intense. The amount of material is unbelievable. A couple campers were ill on the last two days and I think it was from the mental effort of trying to get your mind around so much material.

I know everyone thought the fee was high, but once Max starts giving you the BLM material, you would gladly pay the fee just for the forms. (He has to ship the forms home to your address UPS). He was always right there day and night to explain and answer questions. You can’t put a price on such direct access to Max’s thought processes.

From the very first minute Max was showing us ways to practice more efficiently and to create an income stream that by day four had turned into a river with income tributaries coming in from all directions. This was practical stuff you could do every day to make creditors pay you and your client. Every topic that came up I could see ways to incorporate it in to my practice and get paid. The problems clients used to worry me to death with now had fee generating solutions.

Max gives you ALL the information, which is much more than you really need to start doing these cases. The advantage is that with possession of all the information and the knowledge of where to find it, you now know more than the other side ever will. The level of confidence I have now is such that I will skip the objections and immediately file an adversary (whether I have the proof or not) every single time against a mortgage servicer, credit card company or third party debt collector, cause I now know they are all doing wrong and Max taught me how to find it and prove it. Prior to the camp I had sent out so many QWR’s and requests for payoffs that the servicers had started sanitizing them so they showed no misconduct. Now it doesn’t matter to me if they do that, since Max showed me what I needed to counter their tricks.

I have twenty cases ready to file now, and another fifty in reserve but on Max’s strategic advice I am going to stagger them, but I can tell you there is going to be wholesale slaughter in the Southern District and I plan on being knee deep in servicer blood and guts by Halloween.

Since Max is always thinking about this stuff and looking for new ways to improve it, I know that the Boot Camp sessions will be an evolving process and next year’s sessions will be very different from the one I attended, so I plan on gong back.
– Frank Coxwell

I am a happy camper! Very intensive, gorgeous surroundings, terrific food. It is a high honor and a distinct privilege for me to be able to say I was a part of that class!

Much of what Max shared with us at the Boot Camp, frankly, is not all that new for anyone who has been paying attention to what Max has been saying for quite a while. The value here is in being able to “dissect” what he is saying and make him explain it in very thorough detail, apply it to other factual scenarios and see exactly what he has done in other cases and why it succeeded, and show you how to do it. It’s not just the force of his personality; he really knows what he is talking about. While I have been trying for quite a while to do the same thing he does, albeit on a smaller scale, and think I’ve been reasonably successful, every day during Camp brought two or three “light bulb” moments, i.e., those precious and regrettably few moments when something that has been unclear suddenly becomes clear, and a metaphorical “light bulb” goes off over your head. The cost was definitely a stretch for me, but it includes not only 8 – 10 hours a day with Max and the other campers, it includes room and board, and wait until you taste the board! I’m looking forward to the reunion as much for the board as anything else! Anyway, you also get to consult with Max after the Camp, too. If you can swing the cost, I say go for it.

I am honored to say that Max has been a colleague and mentor as my understanding of bankruptcy litigation has progressed. There is no one in America that knows the ins and outs of bankruptcy, generally, and bankruptcy litigation, specifically, better than Max.
– David Baker

These folks “saw the light” and they will successfully incorporate what they learned into their practice. You should be proud to have pulled off such a successful event on your first try.
– Judge John Gardner

Boot Camp was enjoyable — but it also was exhausting. The Boot Camp’s days featured between ten and twelve hours of classroom instruction. Our class had eleven students. That meant that we all were welcome to interact and ask questions in a free-form manner. Max has a quiet, gentle manner and skipped the Socratic method that tortured us in the law school. Nevertheless, the intellectual rigor of Bankruptcy Boot Camp is well beyond anything that I encountered in law school or since. Having been in this field for so many years, I was probably one of the Boot Campers with more knowledge of subjects. Still, the breadth and difficulty of the material was astonishing. It was by far the most intense conference I had ever attended. And, as with a Marine Boot Camp, sleep was not a priority…

The focus of the Boot Camp is Max’s “Bankruptcy Litigation Model,” a set of techniques and analyses designed to help attorneys serve consumer debtor clients. At its core, the BLM takes aim at the gaps in creditors’ strategy and documentation to try to leverage better outcomes for the Boot Campers’ clients. Max also focuses on procedural approaches that can limit creditors’ options…

It would be very hard to find an attorney who would be familiar with much of what people learn at Boot Camp. No one without that knowledge can provide the kind of service that Boot Camp alumni can… I definitely am looking forward to putting into practice much of what I learned over the weekend. It was a remarkable experience.
– Andy Winchell

Praise for the Online Boot Camp Training

It is just outstanding. I began this past Saturday and had a very long session yesterday. At my Monday morning staff meeting, I informed my staff of the changes that will be made immediately and those that will be implemented by Thanksgiving. I cannot imagine having practiced this long without Max’s knowledge.
– Jonathon Stone


I signed up for it and it is fantastic. I love how all the supporting documents are right there for you under the videos.
– Jenny Tuffnell