Richard Duncan Shepherd

I am sorry to have to deliver the news that Boot Camper, long-time speaker and friend, Dick Shepherd, passed last week from complications of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). His wife, Millie, contacted us with this shocking and upsetting news.

Millie told us that Dick treasured his association with the Boot Camp and was always happy when he was preparing for a session and looking forward to spending time with Max and the Boot Campers.

We looked forward to Dick as well and he was a major part of the success of the Boot Camp. His insider knowledge of the servicer industry and his work studying all of the cases and new laws being implemented provided a treasure trove of information we could use to help defend homeowners.

In 2008, Max saw Dick’s posts on the NACBA listserv and Max invited him to a Boot Camp. He quickly became a trusted source for Max and a regular speaker for the Boot Camps and mortgage seminars. More personally, he became a close friend to Max.

Max noticed that Dick wasn’t quite himself for the July and October Boot Camps last year. It turns out that Dick was suffering from Frontal Temporal Dementia which is sometimes associated with ALS. As his symptoms worsened, he had trouble communicating, especially finding the right words to use, and he eventually stopped communicating with us. He kept his health issues private and we never got to the chance to say good bye, something we very much regret.

“Dick was awesome.  His insight and experience helped all of us.  He broke things down to simple terms so we could even get the legal system and clients to understand.  He was inspiring.   Prayers for Max and Dick’s family.” — Deborah Mack, OH

“I am teary reading this most devastating news.  Our team lost a key player – truly one heck of a stand up guy and finest gentleman. I am heartbroken. I have had the honor of knowing Dick since 2008 (meeting through the boot camp) and considered him a trusted friend. ”  — Linda Tirelli, NY

“Very sad news. He was first and foremost a good and kind person and also a great asset to our cause. May he rest in peace.”  — Thad Bartholow, TX

“Dick so enjoyed participating in the Bootcamps and seminars, and was such an integral part…and such a terrific guy.  I so enjoyed working with him and knowing him.”  — Margery Golant, FL

These were just some of the thoughts of Dick from our Boot Campers.

You can view Dick’s obituary at

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  1. I always enjoyed chatting with Dick. He was one of the most down to earth and genuine individuals I have ever met. Losing him has truly left this world a lesser place.

  2. After Morgan Stanley purchased Saxon in late 2006, Dick opened a consumer bankruptcy pracitice near his home in Troy, Virginia, and joined NACBA. From his very first posting on the NACBA listserv, I knew he was something special. So, I emailed him and we talked and met and the next thing Dick was one of our featured Boot Camp speakers. His knowledge of how things worked behind the curtain was something very special and the success of the Boot Camp seminars was based to a great extent on Dick’s knowledge and expertise. And, then, later on I met Margery Golant and with her experience at Ocwen we had the perfect insider team–Saxon and Ocwen. Dick was also a close personal friend and we talked and emailed often between Boot Camps. He also lived about 10 miles from my old military school, Fork Union, and would bring me hats and jackets and shirts from the PX at the school from time to time. I truly loved the man and will miss him from now to the end. May God bless him and his family!

  3. Such a wonderful and insightful gentleman, feel honored to have had the opportunity to have him listen, interject and stear my thoughts, on Foreclosure Defense and Wall Street, pointing me in the right direction, his calm guidance was a refreshing experience and invaluable. I know, I will miss simply chatting with him in the future. Bless him and his family, for all the days to come.

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