Protecting Your Client’s Discharge

Discharge violations are rampant, and if not addressed those violations prevent a bankruptcy client from receiving the full benefit of the bankruptcy discharge.  In most cases, the consumer bankruptcy client won’t receive the fresh start bankruptcy law is meant to provide without aggressive prosecution of discharge violations.  Tackling those violations improves client satisfaction and the likelihood of referrals from past clients, but there’s another reason to aggressively pursue discharge violations as well:  most consumer bankruptcy attorneys are leaving money on the table in every bankruptcy case by ignoring those violations.

Discharge violations are the single biggest source of revenue in Max’s bankruptcy practice.  Max discusses discharge violations at length during the Bankruptcy Boot Camp, but now there’s another option:  if you’re not quite ready for the full Boot Camp experience or want a jump start on discharge violations, check out the single-subject video “Protecting the Discharge“–CLE credit is available.