Patrick McHenry’s Shameful Treatment of Elizabeth Warren

Max guest posted today on Mandelman Matters, calling the Deputy Republican Whip’s treatment of “our nation’s only consumer advocate” at hearings of the House Financial Services Sub‐Committee on Government Oversight and Reform yesterday “a complete and utter embarrassment to all of his constituents”. 

His behavior was simply “shameful” to be kind about it. McHenry’s harsh statements to Professor Elizabeth Warren, including calling her an out‐right “Liar,” were simply beyond the pale.

The late Senator Sam Ervin would come right out of his grave and scold this “little boy” if he could. Senator Sam was as tough as nails on the big banks and the financial elite but was always a gentleman. In fact, the Members of the House are traditionally introduced on the House floor as the Gentleman or the Gentlewoman from wherever. Well, our boy Pat has ended that tradition.

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