Next Lawyer Up with Ron Sykstus podcast featuring Max Gardner

If there is a nationwide “de facto” Dean of the consumer bankruptcy bar in our country, then Max Gardner is it.

Max is a fountain of knowledge who counsels, advises, and encourages consumer bankruptcy lawyers nationwide on a daily and, oftentimes, hourly basis. His knowledge of the complicated and nuanced area of consumer bankruptcy law is so vast that it is astonishing. I cannot imagine a question that could be posed to Max that he would not have a ready answer to, or at a minimum, not be able to get quickly. In fact, every bankruptcy lawyer in the country would be well-advised to attend the exhaustive and legendary “Bankruptcy Boot Camp” run by Max.

Max comes from a long and illustrious history and his family has done a great deal for both the state of North Carolina and the United States. From Gardner-Webb University to his Grandfather O. Max Gardner, the former governor of North Carolina, to the historic Webbley House, there is a great deal of history here. I enjoyed spending some time with Max and getting to know his story on a deeper level.

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