Naked Capitalism 3 Part Series on Bank Disinformation

Be sure to check out all three parts.

Bank Disinformation I: PR Machine in Overdrive on Foreclosure Fraud Front

The sense of priorities is astonishing. Axelrod repeatedly stresses the need to get “this” resolved quickly. Notice the refusal to use accurate and honest language: at best, these are improprieties, but the more accurate word is fraud. The emphasis is NOT on doing things correctly but on the need for haste.

Bank Disinformation II: Banks Attacking Rule of Law Frontally

Readers may argue I’m reading more of a bank PR role in a page one Wall Street Journal story than is warranted. However, even the Columbia Journalism Review took notice of the Journal’s scanty reporting on the foreclosure crisis, a mounting series of problems that is deservedly damaging to the banking industry’s image and bottom line. Now we have the Murdoch paper feature a remarkably one sided story on foreclosures. That looks to be no accident.

Bank Disinformation III: Obama Throws Weight Behind Banks, Housing “Market” Over Borrowers

So we are back to Wall Street calling the shots, the very same Wall Street that invokes the “give us what we demand or we’ll shoot the economy” demand whenever its pet interests are threatened. Here the securitization industry was colossally irresponsible in its conduct, and has created a mess that will be monstrously difficult to remedy….and we’re supposed to plow onward in business as usual mode?