Mysteriously Appearing Allonges

Adam Levitin over at Credit Slips has long granted the foreclosure industry the benefit of the doubt when it comes to flawed paperwork, but this case has him asking questions.  Along with the usual questions about fraud and how we’re supposed to know when an “allonge” was really created and what exactly is required to validate it, Professor Levitin is asking about experiences from the field; specifically, he wants to hear from foreclosure defense attorneys who have been challenging allonges and what kind of evidence is sufficient to prove that an allonge is what it purports to be.  If you’ve been fighting that battle, you can follow the link above to leave a comment for the author.

If you haven’t been fighting that battle, this might be a great time to check out or revisit the June 14 Boot Camp newsletter, which addresses both the basis for and importance of attacking allonges.