More Speakers Added to New UCC Sessions

We are excited to let you know that we have two more additions to our already amazing list of speakers for The ABC’s and UCC – What you need to know about how the UCC impacts foreclosure defense.

Added to the New York seminar is The Hon. Samuel L. Bufford. He is currently a Distinguished Scholar in Residence at Penn State’s The Dickson Scholl of Law. Judge Bufford is a former United States Bankruptcy Judge in the Central District of California, where he served for twenty-five years and presided over nearly 100,000 cases. Widely regarded as one of the foremost scholars of U.S. and comparative insolvency law, his teaching interests include bankruptcy, international and comparative insolvency law, commercial transactions, and international business transactions.

Judge Bufford has authored a treatise on international bankruptcy law and a bench book for U.S. judges. He serves on the editorial advisory boards for the International Insolvency Review and the West Annual Review of International Insolvency.

Prior to joining Penn State, Judge Bufford was the Nomura Lecturer on Law at Harvard Law School and a lecturer at the University of Southern California Law Center. He has taught foreign seminars sponsored by the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, USAID, the International Insolvency Institute, and the U.S. Commerce and State Departments and has given seminars in the United States for foreign judges. Judge Bufford was a member of the 2004 Global Judges Forum, which provided advice to the World Bank on formulating international standards and best practices for insolvency laws and practices.

Judge Bufford is past chair of the National Conference of Federal Trial Judges of the American Bar Association and serves on the board of directors for Volunteers of America Los Angeles.

Added to the California seminar is David Springer. With over 25 years experience in traditional and mortgage banking, Mr. Springer has served as employee, officer and consultant to some of America’s largest mortgage lenders. His direct experience in subprime loan securitization gives him a revealing eyewitness perspective to this important chapter in American financial history. As a former high ranking officer in charge of document imaging for a well known subprime lender, Mr. Springer will discuss in detail the processes, entities, and the management of documents in the lending and securitization process.