More Boot Camp Grads in the News

New York area consumer bankruptcy attorney and bankruptcy boot camp graduate Linda Tirelli has been quoted several times recently about the banks’ involvement in the foreclosure mess. She has been tirelessly fighting foreclosure fraud and her latest quote is in the New York Post.

President Barack Obama will veto a bill that could have helped banks continue to kick mortgage holders from their homes even if notaries public were thousands of miles away from the executives signing off on foreclosure documents — and clearly unable to see if those legal documents were fake. …

The bill had proceeded stealthily through Congress, being passed by the House in April and by the Senate, without debate, on Sept. 27. …

Linda Tirelli, a consumer bankruptcy lawyer in Westchester and Connecticut, who has battled foreclosure frauds for years, said yesterday she didn’t think it was a coincidence that the bill made its way to Obama’s desk just as the issue mushroomed.

“This is not a case of sloppy paperwork but fraud and a conspiracy between the document production companies, mortgage servicers and foreclosure mill law practices,” she said. “A whole industry has developed around this fraud.”

“If homeowners submitted papers like those submitted by the mortgage servicers, they would be in jail,” Tirelli added.