Modifications After Forbearance

Each of the government guaranteed mortgage entities have very different modification programs and associated waterfalls for dealing with what to do at the end of the COVID-19 forbearance periods with established written guidelines and rules. Each of these guidelines have multiple resolution options and applicable eligibility requirements. 

Max Gardner, Forensic Accountant Jay Patterson and Loan Modification expert Bobby Rivera have teamed up for a set of deep-dive instructional webinars (about 30-45 minutes each) to help you navigate all of the modification options both in and out of bankruptcy.  A complete understanding of the various modification products will allow you to better serve your clients.

Max, Bobby and Jay provide a detailed “overview” and “underview” of all of the respective federally guaranteed loan modification programs, and review basic escrow concepts.  Escrow issues are highly significant in dealing with modifications and with bankruptcy, as almost every consumer will be dealing with an escrow deficiency and/or an escrow shortage in connection with the modification and/or with their bankruptcy cases.

Your subscription entitles you to additional webinars as they are periodically added (and rules change), plus materials on

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