Meet the Robin Hood of Foreclosures

From by Brian O’Connell.

Shelby, North Carolina is an unlikely place for the last stand of the foreclosure resistance movement, but that just might be where it happens.

Hundreds of lawyers have descended on the small town to learn the most effective ways of taking on big banks on behalf of small homeowners. And they’re winning more and more cases.

Who’s behind the movement? A new American folk hero, judging by how his supporters tell the story. …

Gardner has his gun sights set on big mortgage lenders, and he’s so serious about the foreclosure mess that he has trained over 500 lawyers on his blueprint for taking on big banks time and time again.

The 65-year-old attorney has spent the last four years building an army of foreclosure experts to battle big banks over their foreclosure practices. It’s a holy mission on behalf of average Americans who normally might not stand a chance against behemoths like Bank of America or JP Morgan Chase.

“My clients are desperate. They have insurmountable financial problems, and I’m able to give them a remedy and an answer and an assurance it’s going to be all right. That’s pretty rewarding stuff,” said Gardner in an Oct. 28 interview with Reuters.