Max Gardner’s Bankruptcy Boot Camp Presents: Summary Judgment with Thomas A. Cox

Foreclosure defense often lives or dies on the outcome of a summary judgment motion:  in judicial foreclosure states, homeowners often find themselves defending against summary judgment; in non-judicial foreclosure jurisdictions foreclosure defense often means advancing a motion for summary judgment on a request for injunctive relief.

The importance of these techniques doesn’t end there, either:  the same strategies can be employed by bankruptcy attorneys defending against requests to lift the automatic stay.

Now, Max Gardner’s Bankruptcy Boot Camp Presents:

Summary Judgment with Tom Cox

a webinar created specifically to help you make the most of the summary judgment process for your consumer clients

Tom Cox, as you may know, is the attorney responsible for triggering the nationwide foreclosure freeze in 2010.  After retiring from a private practice which included frequent representation of lenders in residential and commercial loan litigation, Cox stepped in to offer pro bono services on the consumer side and quickly became a force in the mortgage-related consumer protection arena, both in Maine and nationally. Now, he’s joining forces with Max Gardner to help consumer attorneys around the country effectively argue summary judgment motions.

Join us for the Bankruptcy Boot Camp’s first webinar at 1:00 p.m. EST on 11/11/11 and learn:

  • How to analyze and attack affidavits filed by mortgage loan servicers;
  • How to use the Rules of Evidence to oppose summary judgment affidavits;
  • Which documents must be attached to a servicer’s summary judgment affidavit and what to do if they’re not;
  • How to prepare homeowner affidavits and statements of opposing material facts

…and more!

In short, learn how to hold servicers to the legal standards they often ignore and to make the most effective arguments on behalf of your client.  Tom Cox will answer questions at the end of the presentation.

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Friday, November 11, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. EST