Max Gardner Turns 66!

Yesterday was Max’s 66th birthday and well wishes and birthday greetings have been pouring in from around the country–too many for even Max to respond to one at a time.  He asked us to share this message for all of those who took a moment to recognize his birthday:

I wanted to personally thank the hundreds of you who have sent me best wishes on my 66th Birthday celebration.  I apologize for this group response and I hope everyone understands that although I can process a lot of emails in one day individual responses to each birthday email is beyond even my capabilities.  This birthday was really a milestone for me as I am the only male member of my family in more than 250  years who has lived past the age of 65 years!  Consequently, I was a little concerned during the months leading up to October 6, 2011.

The other point is that I used to think people my age were damn old. However, I really don’t feel like an “old person” if there is such a thing these days.  And, more importantly, the thing that really keeps me fired up and ready to go to work every single day is the great work that is being done by the members of my Boot Camp Army and by the large group of dedicated attorneys who are members of the NACBA law firm.  I really see us all working together for two primary purposes. First, to do the very best job we can for out clients.  Second, to save our system of justice and due process from the outright  fraudulent practices of the creditors and their lawyers.  All of us working together constitute both the first and the last line of defense against these unlawful practices.  And, we simply must continue working together to hold these important lines.  I am very proud to be associated with all of my Boot Campers and all of my NACBA family.

As I said back in 2005 when President Bush signed BACPA, “if it is war they want, then it is war they shall have.”  Well, they have it!