Max Discusses Kemp v Countrywide in ALFN Webinar

Join the American Legal & Financial Network for a free webinar on March 30 and get Max’s insights into Kemp v. Countrywide and what it means for consumer attorneys and the plaintiffs’ bar.

Some commentators have referred to Kemp v Countrywide as the most “astounding” revelation in the current mortgage mess. Others have called the case the “Big Fail.” Even one commentator referred to the case as the “picture is worth 10,000 notes” decision. But, is Kemp just more smoke and mirrors on the road to recovery or is it really ten major league problems for Countrywide-BAC and all of the RMBS investors? One thing is certain; the Consumer Bar and the Plaintiff’s Bar will have plenty to say over the twelve (12) months with respect to this decision. 

In this webinar we will hear directly from a key thought leader on these specific issues and concerns. The implications could be far reaching and you do not want to miss the opportunity to hear Max Gardner discuss all of these issues on the March 16th Webinar hosted by William LeRoy and the ALFN.

The webinar will take place at 1:00 p.m. Central on Wednesday, March 30.  Registration will close 30 minutes before the event begins.