LPS Attorneys on Attack Against Foreclosure Defense Lawyer April Charney

Most of us think that Lender Processing Services,the mortgage servicing industry in general and the lawyers who represent them can’t surprise us any more.  But every now and then, they go and do it, even when we know their actions should come as no surprise.

Today, our friends at Naked Capitalism posted a story about the efforts to stop Jacksonville Area Legal Aid attorney April Charney and punish her boss, Michael Figgins, for letting her do crazy things like question whether or not the party filing a foreclosure action actually had any right to bring that action.

April Charney has become nationally known in the foreclosure defense arena, and that’s made her the natural enemy of banks and servicers who would  like to slide their cases through the courts without being troubled about things like missing and forged documents.  Now, FolioWeekly reports, LPS lawyers from Holland & Knight and a Duval County Circuit Judge (who was quick to point out that he was attending the lunch as a “private citizen”) are pulling strings behind the scenes to see that Figgins’s contract is not renewed.  At an “informal” lunch, the attorneys apparently told members of the JALA board that they considered Charney a “loose cannon” and complained about her actions bringing Rolling Stone reporter Matt Taibbi to Florida.

Apparently, the fact that Taibbi wrote an unflattering story about foreclosure in Florida was April Charney’s fault for pointing out the flaws in the process and no blame landed at the doorstep of the banks, mortgage servicers, foreclosure plaintiffs’ attorneys and judges who perpetuated the fraud or turned a blind eye to flawed claims.  For the crime of turning over that rock in public, these attorneys and judge want to see Charney and her boss hung out to dry–apparently the best way to avoid bad press, in their eyes, is to keep your dirty secrets secret.

4ClosureFraud has helpfully made contact information for the JALA board members available, just in case there’s anything you might want to say to them before they vote on whether or not to retain Michael Figgins at their September meeting.