Litigating Debt Buyer Claims

Part 1

Max discusses his first exposure to a forward flow agreement in a debt buyer case, then guest speaker Linda Almonte shares her background with Chase and in the debt buyer industry and an overview of what she’s seen in the industry. Max and Linda begin working through industry definitions, with examples and side notes based on past cases and observations.

Part 2

Definitions continue, along with anecdotes and what to look out for. Linda discusses the industry reaction to Dodd-Frank and the chilling effect of what’s happened to her. Discussion of changes in the debt collection industry and the way technology personalizes the approach to the consumer, the likelihood that cases will be resurrected and how to prepare for that, and who you should depose. Kathy Cruz talks about how to approach each type of witness.

Part 3

Continuation of the discussion of the example case from the previous video; Document expert Emily Will demonstrates several methods of document alteration. Max answers questions submitted by attendees.

Part 4

Max talks about importance of understanding the industry before the discovery process, then he and Linda discuss the FTC report on the debt buying industry, what’s changed and what’s useful. Max and Linda discuss the current major players in the industry, their relationship to the big banks and their network of attorneys.

Part 5

Max talks about of some of the American Alliance of Creditor Attorneys documents in the materials and contact information for major debt sellers. He and Linda discuss debt brokers and what they do, along with contact information. Wraps up with a question and answer session.