Lawsuit Against Foreclosure Fraud Expert’s Son Retaliatory?

You may recall that back in April, 60 Minutes ran a segment on robo-signing, highlighting the many signatures of Linda Green (and the many “Linda Greens” behind those signatures).  Less than 48 hours later, a judge dismissed the foreclosure case Lynn Szymoniak, a Florida attorney whose story was a part of the 60 Minutes report, but allowed the bank the opportunity to refile if proper documentation could be produced.

Now, Deutsche Bank has refiled against Szymoniak, but with a twist:  her son, who has no ownership interest in the property or obligation on the mortgage and who has not resided with Szymoniak for seven years has been named as a defendant in the suit

Several experts, including Boot Camper Margery Golant, were quoted in the Huffington Post article, and only two possible explanations were offered:  either the bank’s action was retaliatory or the inclusion of Szymoniak’s son was the result of “rank incompetence”.  Deutsch Bank, of course, denies any liability; its defense isn’t that there’s a legal explanation for the addition of the attorney’s son, but simply that it was a loan servicer and not the bank itself directing the litigation.

Golant will be presenting at both the Memorial Day Boot Camp Blowout in Charlotte and the June Operation Strike Back Foreclosure Defense Boot Camp outside Chicago.