Investigation of Boot Camper, Other Foreclosure Defense Attorney Closed

In a turn of events that Max called the “WTF Story of the Week”, the Florida Bar recently opened investigations relating to the actions of two foreclosure defense attorneys, Boot Camper Chip Parker and Matthew Weidner, for speaking out against the mortgage servicing industry and banks. 

As the Daily Business Review story linked above points out, the same disciplinary body has yet to undertake investigation of any of the many foreclosure plaintiffs’ attorneys accused of improprieties including submission of fraudulent documents to the courts.

Reports on the investigations drew a large and vocal response, nearly entirely in support of the two attorneys, and past ABA President Talbot “Sandy” D’Alemberte intervened on their behalf, citing free speech concerns.  The actions also raised an outcry about the hundreds of complaints against foreclosure plaintiffs’ attorneys that have thus far not been acted upon.

As of Thursday, the ABA Journal reported that the bar had dropped one complaint and was expected to drop the other.