GMAC Spotlight On ‘Robo-Signer’

Now the Wall Street Journal has an article on GMAC’s “Robo-Signers.”

The problem is, according to depositions Mr. Stephan gave in December and June, he didn’t really look at each case. In fact, he assumed that all the details were correct, and just signed off on each one. Mr. Stephan also noted that, when he joined GMAC in 2004, he went through a training program that lasted three days.

“It just corrupts the entire process of justice when you have people signing documents as if they have personal knowledge of processes or information that they don’t have knowledge of,” said O. Max Gardner III, a South Carolina consumer bankruptcy lawyer who represents borrowers in these types of cases.

Max is, of course, a North Carolina consumer bankruptcy attorney.  And this comes as no surprise to the hundreds of attorneys Max has trained over the past five years.