Fraudulent Signatures Just Keep Coming

We’ve written several times about the investigations of Registers of Deeds like John O’Brien and Jeff Thigpen, and how those initiatives are uncovering massive numbers of fraudulent signatures in their registries.  As those investigations proceed, the scope just keeps expanding.  WHDH in Boston is reporting:

So far, the Registry of Deeds for just part of Essex County has found 22 DIFFERENT versions of Linda Green signatures on paperwork from 33 DIFFERENT banks and mortgage companies.

While the fraudulent signatures have opened doors for homeowners in trouble, stopping foreclosures or creating leverage to force banks to negotiate reasonable settlements with homeowners, the news for borrowers isn’t all good.  Where those fraudulent signatures are involved, the paper trail is questionable even for homeowners current on their payments or who have paid off their homes, and problems could arise if they want to sell or refinance their homes.

Mortgage Fraud Analyst Marie McDonnell is quoted in the WHDH story.