Forged Documents May Cloud Sarah Palin’s Chain of Title on Arizona Home is reporting that former Vice-Presidential contender and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin may have fallen victim to the mortgage servicng fraud that is sweeping the country. 

Marie McDonnell examined Palin’s chain of title and pointed out signatures from both the now-infamous Linda Green and another suspected robo-signer, Deborah Brignac. 

Masachusetts Essex South Register of Deeds John L. O’Brien, who has garnered national attention for his aggressive efforts to force appropriate processes, stop the use of MERS to circumvent recording and reject robo-signed documents, is quoted as saying:

“If fundamental property principles still matter in this country, Sarah Palin may have legal issues that could affect the ownership of her home. Through no fault of her own, Sarah Palin has become a victim like thousands of others across the country that have the same problem with their chain of title.

“It just goes to show you that no one is immune from this type of fraud and irresponsible behavior that these banks participated in.”