Foreclosure Fraud – In the Beginning

Max Gardner’s long-standing battle against predatory lenders, mortgage foreclosure fraud and dishonest debt collectors is well known to those who follow these issues.  Nye Lavalle’s diligent years-long effort to document and expose the flaws in the mortgage servicing and foreclosure process is certainly well known now through this explosive New York Times article.  What most don’t know is that Max and Nye first connected about a dozen years ago, when Nye shared some of his findings with Max at a consumer law seminar in Colorado.

Despite his long experience with corrupt creditors and collectors, even Max had difficulty believing Nye’s assertions at first.  Today, Max credits Nye with being one of the first industry outsiders to identify the problems in the mortgage industry and points to their early discussions as one of the roots of his Boot Camp for consumer attorneys.  Nye says that Max was the first attorney to take him seriously and “get it”.

Now, in the wake of the New York Times article sharing Nye’s information and the resulting Fannie Mae report with the world, these two men at the center of the homeowner defense effort are teaming up again.  Nye will join Max at the UCC seminar in Orlando on March 24 – 25, 2012 to talk about the data he’s gathered over the years and how the Fannie Mae report confirms Max’s contention that mortgage notes are governed by Article 9 of the UCC.

Join us in Florida for this rare pairing of two of the most influential voices in the war against mortgage foreclosure fraud and