Foreclosure Defense Boot Camp

The foreclosure defense landscape has changed, and the future of your client’s mortgage may hang on a thorough understanding of securitization, perfection and how to unravel what mortage servicers have done with your client’s payments.

Join us for Operation Strike Back: The Foreclosure Defense Boot Camp from February 18-21 in Las Vegas.  Max will share strategies that may:

  • Convert your client’s mortgage to unsecured debt
  • Wipe out hundreds or thousands of dollars in bogus fees/improperly accrued interest
  • Keep the mortgage servicer’s “evidence” from entering the record and get your evidence into the record
  • Put cash in your clients’ pockets and your own

Often, the outcome for a homeowner in a foreclosure case or a foreclosure matter in bankruptcy depends on having an attorney who can untangle the web of possible false documents, improper application of payments, faulty transfers and other processing issues.  Be that attorney!

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Max will be joined by the following experts:

  • Richard D. Shepherd – Former VP and General Counsel for Saxon Mortgage and Meritech Mortgage.
  • Kathleen Cully – Former Managing Director and General Counsel for ACA Capital Holdings Inc. and CIFG Group.
  • Walter Hackett – Longtime Mortgage Industry Insider. If the process has been computerized, Walter knows how, when, where and by whom.
  • Jay Patterson – Certified Fraud Examiner and Forensic Accountant
  • Rick Rogers – Whose law and real estate practice has been devoted exclusively to mortgage default and foreclosure matters, and in 2008 and 2009 he published articles on those topics in Mortgage Banking Magazine and GLG News.
  • A leading Forensic Document Examiner who has been qualified as an expert more than 70 times by state and federal courts, who will show you ways to determine whether documents have been altered.
  • Nick Wooten – A Boot Camp grad who recently completed a trial where he presented unrebutted testimony of highly qualified experts that devastated the “typical” securitized trusts’ arguments regarding chain of title. He’ll give us all the juicy details that are still causing a buzz in the community.
  • A CEO of a major industry trade group and a leading attorney for the securitization and servicing entities.
  • Margery Golant – Served as District Court Judge in Pennsylvania by appointment of the Governor and after relocating to Florida, was Title Department Manager of a large plaintiff’s foreclosure firm and member of the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac retained counsel network between 1997 and 2000. She then became Assistant General Counsel at Ocwen Financial Corporation, heading the Residential Litigation Subgroup from 2000 to late 2004. She currently represents consumers in mortgage related information.