Florida Assistant AG Andrew Spark Resigns

Just one day after releasing a detailed memo criticizing the department and questioning the actions of other officials, Florida Assistant Attorney General Andrew Bennett Spark resigned.

As 4ClosureFraud.org points out, Spark apparently had no intention of resigning when he released his statement, since he closed the document with this line:

I look forward to using those qualifications to continue to work within our office –and in service to Attorney General Bondi -to making the office better.

No information appears to be available yet regarding what occurred in the ensuing 24-hours that led to Spark’s resignation.  A key issue raised in the Spark document was the fact that Mary Leontakianakos, who resigned from the AG’s office in December, had gone to work for one of the firms previously targeted by her office.

The American Bar Journal also reported on Leontakianakos’s career move.

Read the full memo here:  Andrew Sparks Release