Extensive Interview with Max

John Wright at Piggy Bank Blog and Janet Reiner conducted a comprehensive 2-part interview with Max recently and I encourage everyone to check it out. It contains a lot of personal history as well as mortgage litigation concepts.

Part One Discussion:

  • Oliver Max Gardner I —  Governor and United States Ambassador to Great Britain.
  • Oliver Max Gardner II — Attorney and father who dies from complications of MS when Oliver Max Gardner III is a teen.
  • Oliver Max Gardner III — What it was like growing up in one of the most politically powerful and wealthy families in North Carolina.
  • Oliver Max Gardner IV — Dies as a victim of a drunk driving accident.

Part Two Discussion:

  • Max Gardner Bankruptcy Boot Camp
  • How Super Attorney Max Gardner won 103 verdicts.
  • Max Gardner offered millions a year to work for banks.
  • Efililngs and DocX and Esignatures and UETA and U.S.C. codes.
  • Max Gardner works for bank in Alaska right after high school.
  • What is Super Attorney Max Gardner’s favorite curse word.
  • Does Max Gardner wear boxers or briefs?