Dishonest Debt Collectors “Victimized” by Debtors published this article warning debt collectors about debtors who might be trying to “entrap them” into FDCPA violations:  Five Signs That a Debtor is Trying to Entrap You Into an FDCPA Lawsuit 

No, it’s not satire, though the article leads:

An army of Debtors – fully equipped with scripts drafted by consumer attorneys and recording devices – are using their telephones as weapons to wage war on unsuspecting Debt Collectors across our nation.

Naturally, the author entirely glosses over the obvious fact that debt collectors who comply with the FDCPA in all of their dealings won’t have to concern themselves with whether or not the debtor is taking notes or recording the call.  Rather, he offers specific tips for handling particular kinds of questions, such as “What will you do if I don’t pay?” and then invites any collection agency who feels it has been “the victim of a Debtor scripted, recorded collection call” to contact him directly.