Did Robo-Signing Lawyers Knowingly Commit Fraud in the Foreclosure Fiasco?

Let me first say that the answer to the question in the title of this post is OF COURSE.

Abigail Field of Daily Finance poses this question in a well written article.

Some people are dismissing troubled homeowners’ complaints that they were lied to about the terms of their mortgages. After all, the borrowers should have read what they were signing. But when it comes to the so- called robo-signers at the banks or Lender Processing Services (LPS), the same critique should be equally valid: By signing documents without reading them, the mortgage processors were lying under oath.

But the people who deserve the greatest scorn for their behavior in the foreclosure document scandal are the robo-signing lawyers and their colleagues who submitted robo-signed documents to the courts. These attorneys should be facing discipline and perhaps disbarment for their actions. After all, when we talk of homeowners and robo-signers at banks, we speak of people who should have known better — and that’s the lawyers’ job.