County Will Seek $22 Million from MERS

John O’Brien, Essex South (Massachusetts) Register of Deeds, announced yesterday that the county would seek $22 million in damages from MERS. 

O’Brien called MERS “a scheme of epic proportions”, stating that the only purposes of the “cyber Registry of Deeds” were to avoid paying the same fees as everyone else and to keep the public in the dark as to the actual holder of a mortgage.

The $22 million demand may be just the beginning.  Essex South is one of 22 Registries in Massachusetts that O’Brien believes to be impacted.  His estimate is that the company may owe as much as $200 million statewide–and that’s just Massachusetts.

Much more to come on the decline and fall of MERS.  Meanwhile, read the press release O’Brien’s office put out yesterday here: Essex South Register of Deeds Demands $22 Million from MERS