Mortgage & Foreclosure

Loan Modification and Regulations X & Z Boot Camp

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Whether you’re defending a foreclosure, modifying a mortgage or protecting your client against illegal actions or fees, this seminar is for you.

Especially important in light of the recent SCOTUS decision regarding lien stripping, new RESPA and TILA rules took effect in January 2014, imposing significant new obligations on mortgage servicers. These rules have proved to be very powerful for mortgagees and if you’re still not familiar with the rules, now is the time to be. You simply can’t wait any longer! Max, Bobby Rivera and Jay Patterson are teaming up to make sure you have the tools and knowledge necessary to enforce your clients’ rights under these regulations, hold mortgage companies to the letter of the law and maximize recovery. They will take the mystery out of loan modifications, covering every angle, including published and non-published guidelines of Fannie, Freddie, FHA, FDIC, DOJ and MHA.

Foreclosure & Mortgage Litigation Boot Camp

We also have a videotaped seminar focusing on mortgage securitization and how it relates to foreclosure defense and loan modification. It is available in our online training subscription.