Boot Camper Thad Bartholow in the News

The Dallas Morning News profiles a homeowner fighting foreclosure and quotes Thad Bartholow.

It is virtually impossible for average homeowners to determine if they’re victims of robo-signers.

“It will be difficult for a borrower on his or her own to spot this particular problem,” said Karen L. Kellett, a bankruptcy attorney at Armstrong Kellett Bartholow. “It has been the very falseness of the documents that could not be detected because such documents were constructed, on their face value, to look normal and thus feed the foreclosure machine.”

Their falseness wasn’t detected until lawsuits were filed challenging affidavits and depositions, she said.

Texas and other states without judicial oversight may be particularly potent breeding grounds for such fraud, legal experts said.

“I think that’s absolutely right,” said Bartholow.