Being Linda Green

60 Minutes ran a piece on Sunday about the mortgage paperwork mess. It probably came as a shock to many but to anyone that’s been to any of Max’s seminars, it’s just business as usual for the banks.

One of the focuses of the story was to find Linda Green, the “Vice President” for over 20 banks. To 60 Minutes’ surprise after they found the real Linda Green, they found several other Linda Greens (or at least people who were hired to sign as Linda Green). One of the Lindas was embarrassed to admit that even though he was a “Vice President” of several large financial institutions, he was paid only $10/hour.

Several Boot Camp graduates worked with the producers for this story. Max has been able to defeat the banks’ claims that they own mortgages when they in fact don’t and has been training attorneys on this subject for the past five years. Sadly, the segment that aired is only the smallest fraction of the fraud taking place in the foreclosure crisis.

Creating false documents signed by phony vice presidents is just another one the banks’ “technical problems” right?

Here is the segment that aired on television.

Here is additional footage airing 60 Minutes Overtime.