Max Gardner’s Bankruptcy Basic Training

Start Your Bankruptcy Practice Off Right

Arm yourself with the information you need to provide outstanding service to your clients, fulfill your ethical obligations and avoid danger zones for you and the debtors you represent.

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The Detailed Information Every Bankruptcy Attorney Needs

12+ hours of detailed information, including:

  • a line-by-line walk-through of the Voluntary Petition and Schedules
  • thorough discussion of pitfalls for attorneys and clients
  • direction on where to find information and verification
  • opportunities to advocate for your clients
  • detailed review of the Statement of Financial Affairs; and
  • a 4+ hour analysis of the Means Test

Presented by Dan Press and Brett Weiss

Veteran bankruptcy attorneys Dan Press and Brett Weiss will be your instructors for the entire 11-segment course.  Dan and Brett draw on their own extensive experience as consumer bankruptcy attorneys to include real-life examples, help you avoid common pitfalls and offer you tips on where to find the information you need, how to verify and document your data and how to work with your client and the trustee in the consumer bankruptcy context.

A Package to Suit Your Needs

Purchase the entire streaming video series for one low price or choose among Petition and Schedules (6.5 hours), Statement of Financial Affairs (1.75 hours) or Means Test (4.5 hours).

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