Amid mountain of paperwork, shortcuts and forgeries mar foreclosure process

An article by Ariana Eunjung Cha and Brady Dennis, Washington Post Staff Writers.

The nation’s overburdened foreclosure system is riddled with faked documents, forged signatures and lenders who take shortcuts reviewing borrower’s files, according to court documents and interviews with attorneys, housing advocates and company officials.

Ally Financial is now double-checking to make sure all documents are in order after lawsuits uncovered that a single employee of the company’s GMAC mortgage unit, a 41-year-old named Jeffrey Stephan, signed off on 10,000 foreclosure papers a month without checking whether the information justified an eviction.

Ally wasn’t the only major lender that had a foreclosure process dependent on a few corporate bureaucrats.

Beth Ann Cottrell said in a sworn deposition in May that she signed off on thousands of foreclosures a month for JPMorgan Chase even though she did not verify the accuracy of the information.

Stay tuned for much more because this is truly only the very tip of the iceberg,