A Nation So Utterly Divided…

From Mandelman Matters.  Please read the entire post, but here’s an excerpt.

When Barack Obama became our president, quite a few people seemed to be wondering how the Obama presidency would go, and all I could think was: Really? Couldn’t we all see clearly how things would go? How else could they go? Fox News and MSNBC are for profit businesses competing with each other to capture their respective markets. How else would you expect them to behave? It was and is a fate accompli.

In case anyone is actually wondering how the Obama presidency will go, at least in the media, here’s a glimpse of 2011:

The Obama presidency says it has done some stuff. Fox News says it’s all bad and dismiss whatever the liberal media says about him. MSNBC will laud his accomplishments and sing his praises. Both will be a little bit right. Not everything will be prefect. Not everything will be bad. The conservative media will follow FNC’s lead. The liberal press will join in the MSNBC chorus. The boring media will be as boring as ever. Obama will win again in 2012… with 36% of the vote, a’la 1992.  There’ll be a mainstream Republican who will finish a close second, a Tea Party candidate that will get more votes than expected.  Ron Paul will make a showing.  And who knows… there could be a “liberal” challenger to Obama.  At the end of the day, the “right” if so fragmented that there simply won’t be anyone on the other side capable of galvanizing the troops in sufficient number.

No? Read it again. Of course that’s what’s going to happen. What else could possibly happen? It doesn’t matter what Obama does… that’s how it’s going to work out (unless, as I’ve said before, Obama gets caught on video having sexual relations with Bill Clinton under the desk in the Oval Office… in which case all bets are off).

There’s simply no other possible outcome.