Boot Campers Making a Difference Together

With permission, we’re sharing this lovely Facebook note posted by Boot Camper Nick Wooten a few days ago.
 “This holiday season i’m thankful for my beautiful daughters. They inspire me to stay young and healthy. I’m thankful for my health, ran my first mile since before I graduated law school today after two months back in the gym. I’m thankful for my mentor and friend Max Oliver Max Gardner III, his BLM gave me my life back after five years of chasing mortgage companies all over the world. Max, your program gave me back enough time and money to get back in shape, I love you like a dad for all you’ve done for me. I’m thankful for family who puts up with my craziness all year long and i’m thankful for my friends, the real ones, you know who you are, who tolerate and appreciate my special brand of crazy that is occasionally interrupted by flashes of brilliance. I hope y’all all have the best Christmas season ever and the new year rings in promises and dreams fulfilled!!!”
As we enjoy the holiday season and reflect on what means the most in our lives, we’re all grateful for attorneys like Nick who are out there fighting the good fight on behalf of consumers and homeowners and letting the banks, mortgage servicers and other evil-doers in the financial industry know that they aren’t going to get away with the way they’ve abused the public trust and the individuals they do business with.
In the coming weeks, we’ll be bringing you stories from some of the other past Boot Camp attendees who are truly “in the army” and are out there in the trenches making a difference for their clients in situations many attorneys would turn away from.