Individual Chapter 11 Boot Camp

Learn all you need to know about representing individuals in Chapter 11 cases from the attorneys who literally wrote the book, Dan Press and Brett Weiss.

The Boot Camp is intended to be a thorough examination of the entire individual Chapter 11 process in an intensive, small-group setting.

This intensive 3+day seminar/workshop will begin with an overview of an individual Chapter 11 compared to a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and then walk through everything from client intake and fee setting to confirmation and post-confirmation issues.

Dan and Brett will work with attendees to draft documents and address issues that often arise during the individual Chapter 11 process.

Even if this is your first exposure to the Chapter 11 process, you will leave the event with the knowledge and materials you need to begin representing individual debtors in Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The Chapter 11 for Individual Debtors course presents attorneys with basic and intermediate concepts as well as detailed instruction for the application of these concepts.

It is designed so that attorneys with sufficient Bankruptcy Chapters 7 and 13 experience will be able to file and complete a basic, typical Chapter 11 case for an individual debtor.

The course takes place in a small group setting that allows for interaction between the instructors and attendees, including instructor review of attendee-drafted motions.

The $6,995 tuition includes lodging, meals and snacks from Thursday dinner through Sunday lunch and a signed copy of their Collier Monograph, Chapter 11 for Individual Debtors.

Daniel M. Press and Brett Weiss are the authors of “Chapter 11 for Individual Debtors: A Collier Monograph”.

They are conducting Chapter 11 Boot Camps in association with the Max Gardner Bankruptcy Boot Camp.

This LexisNexis publication is a part of the esteemed Collier series, known for its unprecedented array of contributors, who include some of the nation’s most respected practitioners and jurists.

Dan and Brett are also the presenters for our very well-received Basic Bankruptcy Training videos.

Day 1:
Welcome Dinner and Opening Remarks
Sample Intake/Review of “Jones Case” fact pattern

Day 2:
Review of Fact Pattern and Your Approach to the Case
Pre-Filing Analysis
Chapter 13 vs. Chapter 11
Retention and Fees
The Debtor-in-Possession
Preparation of Chapter 11
Basic Post-Filing Issues
U.S. Trustee Requirements and Initial Debtor Interview (IDI)
Meeting of Creditors
Motion for Relief From the Automatic Stay/Adequate Protection Issues
Basic Disclosure Statement and Chapter 11 Plan
Drafting of Disclosure Statement for Jones Case (student project with instructor consultation)

Day 3:
Review of Drafted Disclosure Statements
Review of the Confirmation Process: Disclosure Statement Approval, Voting and Confirmation
Advanced Plan Issues: § 1111(b) and the Absolute Priority Rule
Review of “Smith Case” Fact Pattern
“First-Day” Issues: Cash Collateral, Motions to Employ, Assumption/Rejection of Leases
Sales and Sales Free and Clear of Liens
Stay Motions and Adequate Protection Issues
Advanced Disclosure Statement and Chapter 11 Plan
Disposable Income/Feasibility Issues
Creditor Classification
Drafting of Disclosure Statement for Smith Case (student project with instructor consultation)

Day 4:
Review of Drafted Disclosure Statements and Plans
Post-Confirmation Issues: Closing, Distribution, Modification, Default, Discharge
Student Loan Issues
Tax Issues
Avoidance Actions
U.S. Trustee Issues: Motions to Dismiss or Convert
Appointment of Trustee
Creditor Committees
Overview of Seminar and Q&A
“Graduation” and final remarks

We currently don’t have any planned seminars but we are tentatively looking to hold one late summer/early fall.